About Us

We bring a personal one on one approach to every client.


daveQuality craftsmanship is literally flowing through the veins of our founder, David Wood. Born and raised in Pendleton, Oregon, Dave learned construction by working at father’s construction company. Dave and his family moved to the valley in 2007, he opened his doors shortly after and has been providing quality construction and remodeling for over 13 years. Dave likes to stay up to date with the latest home trends, improving his backswing, and working on his mad curling skills.


Ivan Seevens

Ivan Seevens

Service Manager


As our service manager, Ivan loves to work with clients on project development and estimates. He also coordinates with trades and is in charge of Office Taco Tuesday, and clean uniform inspections. He doubles as a member of the MI-6 and is a master code writer- if don’t believe it try to read his project notes. If he doesn’t answer the Batphone he might be in high speed car chase- leave him a message.

Krispijn Schwarzbach

Krispijn Schwarzbach

Project Manager

Kris is our resident farmer- don’t ask him about it – he will tell you the story of each seed. He is also a remarkable craftsman, he does all our trim and fine touch carpentry. He has been with the company since 2016 and has worked on every facet of construction. He loves eating vegetables and conditioning his beard.

Jake Harris

Jake Harris



Raimundo Aquino

Raimundo Aquino

Expert in paint and stain

If the radio is on, you know Raimundo is at work. He loves to work and is truly an expert at staining woods to highlight the natural beauty within and painting both interior and exterior surfaces with the greatest of care. Raimundo has been with us nearly 10 years and is the happiest guy on the crew-and always has a smile to share.

Krystal Swank & Kalia Jacobson

The Regulators

A combined 11′ 3″ of solid mind muscle. These two are card carrying, motorcycle vest wearing, fully pledged members of the SISM (Southern Idaho Spreadsheet Mafia.) You do not want to have to tell them you lost the receipt.

Amazing Support

“I have called Dave for help with several small and large projects and never been disappointed with the results! Dave and his team are a treat to work with and they always do a great job!!” K Simpson, Sun Valley Resident


These Guys Rock!

“Dave has been our go to for all our construction needs. He remodeled and maintained our rental homes for more than 10 years. He installed our commercial garage doors, updated the plumbing, electrical and flooring. Recently he also remodeled 2 bathrooms in our home. Mountainwood Construction will be our contractors for life! We couldn’t be happier with their work.” Katena, founder, My Wife’s Wine